REXWOOD mobile sawmill is installed in modified 40’ HC sea container and it is a combination of CNC two saw discs sawmill and multirip saw machine attachment with 2 x 10 saw disc set for increased productivity. Delivered worldwide by sea container transport network and set operational within one hour after delivery. REXWOOD sawmill can be powered by 260 kVa diesel generator installed in 20' DC shipping container (available at price of EUR 49 000 :- and can serve as second point of support of work area tent) or by electric grid.

REXWOOD is capable of sawing of up to 4500 mm long logs with up to 800 mm in diameter in to either different dimensional lumber sizes from 5 x 5 mm to 200 x 200 mm or slabs of 400 x 120 mm for further resaw at multirip sawing machine attachment.

Productivity is up to 40 cubic meters of edged lumber per shift. Shipping container installation with open side ramps provides sawmill rapid deployment  and relocation. Included two tents L12 m x W 6 m provide cover from the mature elements for increased work comfort and productivity. I takes just one hour to erect the tent by two workers. 20 HDPE sheets provided with the sawmill set ensure good surface for the storage and work area tents floors.
Export price for all above listed is 149 000 :- EUR F.O.B. Stockholm/Tallinn ports, other delivery options are available.
Shipping price example (July 2019) FOB Tallinn to FOB Panama is just 3 500:- EUR.

Customized price and delivery options inquires are welcome at and Whatsapp +37253513899