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REXWOOD tent type 306515 L 26 m

Tent size L26 x W9.15 x H4.5 meters

Tent material is 610g/m2 PVC, UV treated, fire retardant, 10 years durability. 

Crates packed, Hot Galvanized, 14 groups 60x1.8 mm arch tubing on 2.0m spacing, 5 groups 40x1.5mm purlins, one rope roll up door in front and back end, door size: W3.7 x H3.7m.

Please note that production lead time is 60 days from the date of the order. Delivery terms ExW Tallinn, Estonia.

Choose color price with Estonian VAT (20%), please ask us at for export price quote of EUR 6,798.00 and delivery cost to your destination.

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